Drug Design Projects




Capobianco University of Miami Identification of inhibitors of Notch
Chrysina Inst. Organic & Pharmaceutical Chem. Nat. Hellenic Res. Fd. Greece Glycogen phosphorylase/phosphorylase kinase, Greek Secretariat for Research and Technology, International S & T Cooperation Directorate, Grant; submitted, active compounds identified
Coop UMB, GCC, Pharmacy Opioids/Analgesics, lead optimization in progress, NIH R01 funded
Melnick & Privé Cornell, Toronto BCL6/B-cell Lymphoma, active compounds identified; Waxman foundation funding, patent pending
Polli UMB, Pharmacy Bile Acid Uptake for Drug delivery, strucure optimization; NIH R01 funded
Qu Case Western Reserve SHP2 Phosphatase/leukemia, Active compounds identified; NIH R21 funded, Provisional patent
Shapiro UMB, Pharmacy ERK kinase, active compounds identified; NIH R21 funded, patent pending
Smith UMB, Pharmacy Rational design of inhibitors of LRRK2 kinase
Swaan UMB, Pharmacy Dendrimers/drug delivery, UMCP Nanomedicine Initiative funding, hASBT model development
Tomkinson UMB, GCC, Medicine DNA ligase/Rad50, radiotherapy enhancers, active compounds identified, provisional patent
Wang UMB, Pharmacy Rational design of chemical modulators of PKCI/HINT1
Weber UMB, GCC, Medicine S100B - p53 Interactions, Active compounds identified; ACS funded, NIH R01 funded, patent pending
Wilks UMB, Pharmacy Iron utilization by bacteria, Active compounds targeting Heme oxygenase identified, PhuS search ongoing, patent pending; NIH R01 submitted
Zhang & Osterman UT Southwest Medical Center, Burnham Institute Adenosyltransferase, active compounds identifed; NIH R01 funded

Past Projects

Andrade Temple University Novel macrolide antibiotics to overcome drug resistance
Archontis & Spiros Univ. of Cyprus Glycogen phosphorylase, lead optimization
DiGate PCP Topoisomersase, active compound identified
Hayashi UMB, Pharmacy p56lck kinase, active compounds identified; NIH R01, tobacco $ funded, patent pending
Neamati USC, Pharmacy HIV Integrase, active compounds identified, publications
Passaniti UMB, GCC, Medicine Runt Domain/angiogenesis; NIH R21 funded
Ross UMB, GCC, Medicine Hypoxia-inducible factor/solid tumors; active compounds identified
Serrero UMB, Pharmacy PCDGF/breast cancer, active compounds identified; DoD Concept Award Funded
Sussman UMB, Pharmacy β-Catenin/colon Cancer, active compounds identified; NIH R21 funded